Senior Fitness

The Argyle’s Senior Fitness Program

The largest chunk of a senior’s monthly budget is often spent on medications to help control health conditions. Seniors are also the population most likely to live sedentary lifestyles. However, this trend can be reversed through regular, moderate exercise. Not surprisingly, seniors who exercise may spend less time and money managing their health.

Fitness is an empowering tool that helps people of all ages live their happiest and healthiest lives, and we want to make exercise more accessible to our seniors. Through a partnership with a group of local physical therapists, residents can receive an individualized exercise program designed to help improve quality of life while maximizing independence. Every resident at The Argyle can utilize these free resources, too.

Benefits of Senior Fitness

As we age, our bodies become increasingly stressed by daily living tasks and activities. Walking might start to feel like a chore. Dressing each morning can become exhausting. Conditions like arthritis and events like surgery make it even easier to choose sedentary lifestyles. Still, the benefits of supervised fitness for seniors can’t be overstated:

  • An enhanced sense of independence
  • Prevention of injuries
  • Expedited recovery after falls or other injuries
  • Management of chronic health conditions
  • Reduced likelihood of death due to heart disease
  • Improved mood and reduction of depression symptoms
  • Prevention of cognitive decline
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence
  • Decreased fatigue and strain during normal daily activities

In essence, it is the least active population who needs fitness the most. It’s never too late to be more active, either! With a thoughtful, strategic program, seniors who exercise have the opportunity to experience these benefits and many others.

The Argyle’s Senior Fitness Program

With the assistance and expertise of local physical therapists, residents will focus on four key areas that represent a well-rounded exercise program:

  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Cardiovascular endurance

Exercise is extremely personal, which is why our Wellness Center is equipped with a variety of tools that have the potential to improve physical ability in each of the four areas mentioned above. Treadmills, stationary bikes, resistance machines, free weights, and other tools are all available, allowing for customization of each participant’s fitness program.

During each 30-minute session in the Wellness Center, blood pressure and physiological response to exercise are closely monitored. Exercises are modified based on individual fitness levels and our team conducts regular reassessments to monitor progress. Goal setting is encouraged, too. There’s nothing quite like meeting a fitness goal, and we love cheering residents on as they become stronger and healthier!


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