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On a monthly basis we are posting educational articles about caregiving and issues impacting older adults. If you have questions about these topics please call us at 303-455-9513 or send us an email.

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How to Interview an Aging Parent, Grandparent, or Loved One
Interviewing an aging grandparent, parent, or other elderly loved one is a great way to capture memories and learn more about the past. Capturing these stories and memories is also a lovely way to spend time together during in-person visits.
If you’d like to do an interview with an elderly adult, continue reading for tips on conducting a successful interview and questions to ask … READ MORE

Prevent Caregiver Burnout with These Stress-Relieving Tips
Being a caregiver to an aging parent or loved one can be incredibly rewarding. Providing care can also be very stressful, and it’s not uncommon for caregivers to feel burnt out and overwhelmed. Fortunately, there are ways to cope. Taking care of yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically will ensure you can give your loved one the best care and support possible … – READ MORE

Warning Signs Your Elderly Parent is No Longer Safe at Home
Knowing when it’s no longer safe for an aging parent to live at home isn’t straightforward, and the red flags aren’t always obvious. Things like exhaustion and hygiene are hard to identify when a parent is living alone. Even if your parent has suffered a fall or other injury, the desire to preserve independence for as long as possible is a strong force, too – READ MORE

Paying for Assisted or Independent Living
Finances are an important part of choosing a senior living community. Whether you’re researching for yourself, an aging parent, or a loved one, know that you can balance affordability and quality care … READ MORE