Music & Memory®​

Life is better with music, and we’re proud to offer this innovative program. Residents who participate in this free program will work with family, staff and volunteers to reconnect with the music that they love most, and the positive impacts on quality of life and cognitive functioning can be nothing short of extraordinary.

Benefits of the Music & Memory® Program

Each participant receives their own personalized playlist and iPod or another digital listening device, and then the magic unfolds. Through the rhythms of their favorite melodies, residents might connect with their neighbors more easily, which could result in diminished feelings of social isolation. Music also has the potential to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Current research supports these benefits, and researchers continue to study the effects of music on mood, memory, and more.

While these results aren’t guaranteed, we’ve personally witnessed extraordinary transformations amongst residents. Since we began offering the MUSIC & MEMORY® program, these are some of the benefits we’ve noticed amongst residents:


Senior Fitness Program

Fitness is an empowering tool that helps people of all ages live their happiest and healthiest lives, and we want to make exercise more accessible to our seniors. Through a partnership with a group of local physical therapists, residents can receive an individualized exercise program designed to help improve quality of life while maximizing independence. Every resident at The Argyle can utilize these free resources, too.

Benefits of the Senior Fitness

As we age, our bodies become increasingly stressed by daily living tasks and activities. Walking might start to feel like a chore. Dressing each morning can become exhausting. Conditions like arthritis and events like surgery make it even easier to choose sedentary lifestyles. Still, the benefits of supervised fitness for seniors can’t be overstated.

In essence, it is the least active population who needs fitness the most. It’s never too late to be more active, either! With a thoughtful, strategic program, seniors who exercise have the opportunity to experience these benefits and many others:

Areas of Focus

With the assistance and expertise of local physical therapists, residents will focus on four key areas that represent a well-rounded exercise program:




Cardiovascular endurance