The Argyle's Community Partners

For more than 100 years, The Argyle has served the community by providing affordable, high-quality living accommodations and services to seniors in Denver. We also like to give back to the community by cultivating close relationships with local universities, schools, non-profits, medical providers, and other organizations doing wonderful things throughout Denver.

We maintain a variety of partnerships with schools, vendors, and other organizations. From family meet and greet days with former NFL players to book drives with local schools, community involvement is an important value here.

These are some of the community organizations we team up with regularly:

Students volunteer at The Argyle by spending time with residents including going on outings together.

Students read to Argyle residents throughout the school year.

Creates special, hand-made items for incoming Argyle residents such as purses, blankets, walker bags, soaps, custom clothing, and more.

Chips in with annual outdoor gardening every spring.

Students volunteer to help with numerous community activities during the school year.

Physician House Calls and Rocky Mountain Senior Care visit our residents directly for medical appointments and consultations.