The best assistance
for our residents

Our staff values each other and our residents and is dedicated to serving the community. Through affordable, high-quality assisted living accommodations and services to low-income and moderate-income residents, The Argyle brings happiness to life.

Our employees believe in preserving a home-like atmosphere and are committed to providing genuine interest and care to each of our residents to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Here at The Argyle, we believe in providing services at the lowest possible cost to residents, encouraging independence, and preserving the dignity of residents through human contact, care and nurturing.

Who we are

Tom Carlson


Deanne Vickles

Deann Vickles

Assistant Executive Director


John Sliz

Director of

Brian Fenwick

Brian Fenwick

Director of Sales and Marketing

Lesha Duran

Lesha Duran

Resident Experience Manager


Becky Trujillo

Director of
Food Service


Devyn Richardson

Director of Nursing


As an employee of over 20 years, I have had the pleasure of serving our distinguished residents in their home here at The Argyle. As a member of the meal service and delivery team, I see firsthand the high quality of the products that we bring to the table, prepared with our very heartfelt energy wrapped into everything that is placed on the table. Management ensures that we provide outstanding planned meals, and most often we are able to prepare alternatives for those that choose another option. Our team strives to present the moments for our residents in the dining area, a pleasant time to acquaint and enjoy great hospitality with their friends and neighbors here at home.

Estela H.