Assisted Living

About Assisted Living at The Argyle

Assisted Living rates start at $2,800. Contact us for more information.

Assisted living is the ideal solution for older adults who need extra help with activities of daily living, or ADLs. Residents receive personalized assistance with everything from dressing and personal grooming to laundry and housekeeping, allowing them to maintain as much of their dignity and independence as possible.

At The Argyle, we believe in the transformative power of human connection. Our staff goes above and beyond the standard duty of care by spending quality time with residents as they enjoy engaging activities, fun entertainment, and/or a long chat about life.

There are two assisted living options to choose from: The Argyle Assisted Living and Raleigh Gardens. Whether you’re searching for a safe community with new friends or a more hands-on care service, The Argyle has a place for you.

The Argyle Assisted Living – Amenities & Floorplan – LEARN MORE
The Argyle Assisted Living’s 109 private studio units each have a spacious living area and a private bathroom with a sit-down shower.

Raleigh Gardens Assisted Living – Amenities & Floorplan – LEARN MORE
This beautiful, all-inclusive assisted living community fills the gap between traditional assisted living care and a skilled nursing home. We have 28 private studios in Raleigh Gardens in which we provide a level of care that is rarely found within Denver’s assisted living residences.

What are ‘Activities of Daily Living’ in assisted living?

When speaking with assisted living facilities you will likely be asked about the future resident’s ability to perform Activities of Daily Living, or ADLs. These are key life tasks that adults must perform to live independently at home. Having this information helps us determine how much assistance and supervision they need. Common examples of ADLs include:

  • Cooking meals
  • Snow shoveling / lawn care
  • Housekeeping
  • Walking, including moving around the home and outside.
  • Transferring, which includes changing body positions, standing up from bed or a chair to reach a walker, wheelchair, or cane, and other similar activities.
  • Toileting, or getting to and from the toilet, using it appropriately, and handling cleanup.
  • Bathing, which includes safely taking a shower or bath.
  • Dressing and grooming, which includes managing personal appearance.

The level of assistance needed to perform these activities varies by person, which is why it’s so important to complete a comprehensive assessment of skills and abilities. While the level of care that’s needed varies, one factor remains constant: The Argyle’s empathetic staff works hard to make every resident feel confident about what they can do, not limited by what they can’t.
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Individualized Care Plans

Every person is unique, and that’s why all care plans are individually customized to provide each person with the level of assistance. We strive to bring happiness to every resident at The Argyle while allowing residents to maintain the independence they desire. We accomplish this exceptional level of care by working together in important ways:

  • Care conference meetings are held regularly to evaluate the effectiveness of each plan, making adjustments with each resident as needed.
  • Staff members attend each conference, and residents and their families are encouraged to join, too!
  • Maintaining an open community where questions, concerns, and comments are always welcome.

Amenities & Floor Plans

Each room is equipped with the amenities needed to feel comfortable and safe in your new home, like private bathrooms with sit-down showers and personal alert systems in case of emergencies. We also encourage residents to enjoy the other onsite amenities that are available, which include:

  • Transportation service for errands, appointments, and outings
  • Fun social activities and entertainment
  • Full-service beauty salon
  • Daily meals in our dining room

Availability & Pricing

The Argyle is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing care and community in Denver for over 100 years. Our transparent and all-inclusive cost model reflects these values by helping residents and their families better plan and budget for the years ahead.

I love living at The Argyle – the staff is so helpful – Mary S.