In the event of a natural disaster like a tornado, hurricane, or wildfire, it’s important to be prepared. Seniors have specific emergency preparedness needs, and here’s how to make sure your elderly loved one stays safe.

Create an emergency response plan for seniors

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) outlines some of the most common issues that work against older adults in emergency scenarios, such as:

As you create a senior-specific emergency response plan, take detailed notes and write everything down. If disaster strikes, you’ll know exactly how to proceed.

Make an emergency supply kit

An emergency supply kit should contain all of the documents, food and water, medications, and medical items your loved one needs to stay healthy and safe. Here are some examples of items to include:

The documents in your kit should include everything mentioned in the emergency response plan section above, plus copies of:

Every emergency kit is different and you may want to include additional supplies in your loved one’s kit. For more information on making an emergency kit, review’s suggestions.

As a local nonprofit, The Argyle has brought high quality and affordable care to Denver’s seniors since 1874. To this day, our caring team remains committed to encouraging independence and preserving the dignity of every resident who calls our community home.

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